Where the dream became a reality!

At Big Box, we believe that the best experiences are learned on the ground. As such, we began building the first Big Box in KwaMashu, just outside Durban in mid- 2016. Our plan was to discover and work through the flaws and successes in a real model. We weren’t going to let this be some high-level conversation. We wanted something tangible as our base of learning. At P4 Malandela Road, that’s exactly what we did, and the results have been outstanding.

Home to 28 boxpreneurs as well as an anchor tenant in the form of KwaMashu’s oldest butchery, Big Box Mashu is our proving ground. Boxpreneurs range from hair salons and boutiques clothing outlets to cafes and more. A key space at Big Box Mashu is our training centre where boxpreneurs can attend Varsity College School of Business lectures on site. The results of our first Big Box have been immediate. The area is more vibrant than ever before and together with the community, we have created more jobs, a safer space and brought about real economic and social development. It’s not just a dream anymore. Big Box is a real thing and it’s changing lives. We couldn’t be prouder of this amazing community!

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KwaMashu Boxpreneurs

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