The Big Box Co. Concept

Big Box Co is a company comprised of progressive property developers and intrepid entrepreneurs who blend big ideas with expertise to create Big Boxes.

A Big Box is our take on the standard shopping centre. Made with bricks, mortar and retrofitted shipping containers, each box is designed to create an immersive shopping experience for it’s surrounding community. Like any successful retail experience, each Big Box follows core retail principals. We base our Boxes in high traffic commuter areas, supported by the presence of national brands who help ensure a steady flow of shoppers. Such measures are conducive to building thriving businesses. And that’s what Big Box Co is all about. Building businesses. However, any similarities we may have to your standard shopping centre end here. Firstly, because we aren’t standard by any means and secondly, because we believe in building sustainable businesses through the work of our Big Box Life Project. More on that coming up!

A new school movement for a generation of entrepreneurs who want to define their own success.

Big Box Co. Property Development

The Big Box Co property development team work closely with South Africa’s national supermarket anchors as well as strategic partners in the property industry to source and develop all Big Box sites nationally. By way of meticulous site selection, cutting edge design and a carefully curated tenant mix, each Big Box shares the same vision as the Big Box Life Project. Backed by the JSE listed SA Corporate Real Estate, our aim is to introduce a convenient, world-class shopping experience to suburban nodes and townships throughout South Africa.


We want to empower South Africa’s entrepreneurs with opportunities and a unique retail platform that’ll transform their start-ups into sustainable success stories. Ultimately, we want to ignite an entrepreneurial revolution that strengthens communities!

The Big Box Life Project

The Big Box Life Project is a start-up development platform which discovers, educates, funds and mentors entrepreneurs as they grow the businesses of their dreams! It was developed in response to the fact that, while entrepreneurship has become an attractive solution to the employment issues facing emerging markets, there is a lack of truly helpful end-to-end structure to make this a reality. We believe South Africans can run amazing companies – they’re just lacking the opportunity which is where our Big Box Life Project comes in! You see we don’t fill our Big Boxes with tenants. We fill them with entrepreneurs. And we aren’t typical landlords. We’re facilitators of big dreams.

We laid the foundation of our Big Box Co entrepreneurial revolution in September 2016, with the first Big Box opening its doors in KwaMashu, Durban South Africa. This has become home to 28 amazing entrepreneurs and some phenomenal community initiatives. Construction on the next 2 Boxes kicks off in early 2017 and from then we plan to open 50 Big Boxes globally in the next 5 years. This is not a dream. Big Box Co is a reality.

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