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Big Box Life Project

It is estimated that upwards of 50% of small businesses fail in the 1st year – the most compelling reasons for this being a lack of knowledge and skills required to start and run a business, as well as financial illiteracy, resulting in the mismanagement of funds.

Not only does Big Box Co offer a solution to the small business owner’s need for a secure and affordable space in a first-class retail platform, it also provides access to funding, training and mentorship through our Big Box Life Project.

Introducing the Boxpreneur

We want to identify and attract the best possible talent from surrounding Big Box communities. We’re looking for people with amazing concepts, inspirational stories and entrepreneurial flare. A passion to grow their business as well as their community is key. At Big Box, we like to call them Boxpreneurs.

Big Box Life’s one-year programme intends to address the many barriers currently facing small businesses in the marketplace through strategic guidance for each of the Boxpreneurs taking up residence at a Big Box. We want to give our dynamic start-ups every opportunity to succeed – that’s why the Big Box Life Project covers everything from seed capital to refining marketing efforts and financial training. And that’s just the start. Our program is handcrafted in association with the Varsity College School of business to ensure real world training for real world businesses.

Private & Public Funding

The Big Box Life Project will be financed by a combination of both public and private sector funding. Corporate companies are able to invest their marketing or corporate social investment funds into a project that not only contributes to the long-term success and sustainability of the small businesses they invest in, but ultimately the meaningful upliftment of the local community around the Big Box’s.

We have a variety of options open to corporate entities wishing to get involved in this entrepreneurial revolution. Whether it be sponsoring a boxpreneur or fascilitating a workshop we believe that together we can find the perfect fit. Contact us now to discuss the right investment option for your company.

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