Creating a decor out of glass

By decorating the glass surfaces at home, it is possible to create real masterpieces that captivate the eyes of visitors to any home. Highlight several techniques of glass decoration. Some of them require the use of expensive equipment, to perform other fairly basic items. On how to perform glass decoration with your own hands, let’s talk further. Features of performance of a decor from stained glass, photos and variants of ornaments. Glass is a natural material, which is quite often found in everyday life. There are several varieties of this substance:

  • artistic;
  • liquid;
  • building material;
  • porous, etc.

In addition, glass, in the hands of a craftsman, becomes a real masterpiece of art. Considering this material from the side of its structure, it is able to change its shape when heated and freeze immediately after cooling. Making accessories from glass, you will get an object with aesthetic and domestic purposes. Glass can be made of all kinds of figures, candlesticks, hearts, flowers, dishes, waterfall, etc. Also, it is possible to combine glass with other materials in the form of plasticine, polymer clay, metal.

Candleholder decoration

To improve the presentable appearance of glass will require the presence:

  • glue;
  • paints based on acrylic or aerosols;
  • sea salt;
  • not ground coffee;
  • a glass candlestick or a candlestick-like object.

In order to decorate a glass object, you should first gradually glue each of the coffee beans to the surface in a chaotic or previously selected order. It is preferable to decorate either the top or bottom of an object. This is followed by the process of painting the opposite part of the candlestick with paint. To improve the visual effect, sprinkle the surface with glitter before the paint dries. Continued use of the candlestick involves wiping it with a dry cloth. However, it is unstable to moisture.

Decorating glassware with sea salt

This option is suitable for making photo frames. Follow the instructions to make the decoration:

  • the outside of the frame is smeared with glue, then the frame is dipped in a salt reservoir;
  • wait until the product is completely dry, remove any excess that is not glued.

In order not to lose the frame’s attractiveness, we recommend covering it with a layer of varnish or better, liquid glass. For additional decoration of the frame, it can be painted with paints and sprinkled with sequins.

Glass decoration with plasticine

This method of decorating is perfect for working with children. With this material you will be able to create unsurpassed masterpieces of art. It is enough just to print stencils for decorating glass with your own hands templates, then in relation to the pattern, selected colors. Then each of the colors of plasticine is glued on a certain part of the drawing and you get a picture. By the way, it can be installed in a previously made frame of glass, decorated with sea salt.

The choice of drawing in this case is limitless

You can give preference to fabulous characters, paintings, landscapes, installations, decorative aquariums, etc. In addition, you can create glass compositions inside. For example, made of plasticine fish, sea animals, algae, put them in a glass jar, decorate it with sea salt, which will imitate drops of water. Set on the bottom of the rock, shells, decorate the jar in a sea theme, decorative aquarium ready.

Option of decoration with broken glass

First break glass, and then glue it together, you can create real compositions that will decorate any house. Thus it is possible to decorate all kinds of vases, plates or even the most banal glass jars.

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