From Feisty Startup to Agile Industry Player

You’re off and running.

You have a big idea, funding is lining up, and you’re ready to take the world by storm.

Stop for a moment.


What is behind your big idea?

What will help you build a business case that’s right for the times?

What will cause the industry’s most valuable people to come knocking on your door?

What will help you attract the team that can truly make your product matter to people?

What will raise your idea from just another thing to buy to something people buy into in a serious way?

What will help you create a thriving, agile, and sustainable company culture that will apply your spirit and energy to new opportunities as they become evident?

Stop and think about these three words: Purpose Beyond Profit

Think about the good you are bringing to the world through your big idea.

Think about how a higher purpose will focus your efforts and give you a powerful way to connect to people, both as employees and as users of your product.

Think how it will keep everyone in sync, in line, and on-purpose in everything they do.

Think of how it will spark innovative thinking, user empathy, and employee satisfaction.

Not only today, but as your company’s ideas and products grow in stature, market share, and profitability.

Couple your big idea with a Purpose Beyond Profit and build a company that matters and you will move gracefully from a feisty startup to an agile industry player.

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