Methods of advertising

As a rule, advertising is not able to influence the consumer for a long time. This is due to both the peculiarities of advertising placement and the high cost of advertising, as well as the peculiarities of perception of this advertising by the consumer. As you know, consumers are trying to avoid the impact of advertising, pretending to the objectivity of their own views. Therefore, of course, all want to enhance the advertising effect in the absence of time or advertising space. To do this, advertising focuses only on some features of the image and/or qualities and features of the product. In this capacity the image of the goods can act, creating a good mood, increasing attractiveness, contributing to the improvement of health, being a sign of high social status, related to the care of the family and so on.

Often used several commercials, revealing one or another feature of the same product, working in one or another style depending on the advertising audience. Here you can conduct an analogy with the method of “selective selection of information”, which is often used in political struggle, when the information about specific problems and objectives is greatly simplified and turns into several winning for a particular policy, features. All these methods are well known to Fortuna Visual Group specialists.

Additional evidence

This method is based on the assumption that if there is additional evidence to support some statement, the consumer will have more confidence in the statement. This evidence can be either impersonal or attributed to a specific authority or group. In the former case, it may be an abstract reference to a “clinical practice”, “known company”, “qualified experts” or “computer-assisted analysis”. The second refers to experts in a journal, organization or laboratory.

In some cases, it may be possible to use an accurate indication of the name, surname and work of the person making a judgement on the product being advertised to increase confidence. For example, a stylist of a famous film or a famous actor. In this case, the consumer is more inclined to trust the advertised offer. However, it should be noted that not always the people mentioned in the advertisement have real prototypes.

The winning side

The development of the method “additional evidence” is the method of “winning side”. This method exploits people’s desire to be on the “winning side” as opposed to the “losing side”.

The use of authorities or pressure groups

This method is similar to the “Additional evidence” method. However, while in the Supplementary Testimony method witnesses are sufficiently anonymous, in this method this source is in the form of individuals or groups known and respected to the audience. Such “pressure groups” may include well-known TV presenters, actors, cultural figures, politicians, etc. This leads to a more loyal perception of advertising, to which the positive image of an authoritative person is transferred quite strongly, and the statements themselves are therefore perceived with great trust. Of course, this method is also widely used in political struggle. For example, famous artists often participate in election campaigns. Moreover, in some cases they are members of a movement, which affects the image of those movements. 

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