Must Read: David Grey’s “Connected Company”

High on our upcoming Holiday reading list is “The Connected Company” by David Grey.

We’re adding it to our list because we came across an interesting #HRBBookChat Twitter stream in which David held court.

These chat extracts, some from David, others from readers, provoked our interest:

“You’re in a connected company when everyone feels connection between the job they do and the purpose of the company.”

“Leaders need to build relationships and trust, it is always a work in progress, never done in my mind.”

“HR must help them connect their personal passion to the company’s purpose.”

“The best way to improve customer experience is to improve the employee experience. Connect to purpose.”

“Connected companies = Employees have smiles and there is a energy buzz in the workplace. You can see it. Feel it”.

“In a connected company, we know people’s names, hold doors, say thank you and please. Feels like a small town.”

“I think you are in a connected company if employees understand the company’s purpose (it’s ‘why’).”

“You’re in a connected company when frontline workers are trusted to make important and key decisions about their work.”

“I think a connected company sees fewer “experience gaps” – when it does, gaps are easily closed.”

“If you know people, you know business. The best HR practitioners are in the people business”.

Whether you call it a “connected company” or a “meaningful business”, it is clear that companies that evolve their ways of doing business will thrive in different, and more beneficial, ways.

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