Seville – what can we expect from the Andalusian capital?

The capital of the southernmost province of Spain, Seville, is considered one of the hottest cities in Europe. It is a place where all lovers of beauty should come. Yes, it’s really hot, both in direct and figurative terms. An old Spanish proverb says: “Whoever has not seen Seville has not seen a miracle” – and this phrase very accurately reflects the rich history of this region. Seville – the capital of Andalusia, a small city, whose population is about 700 thousand people. 

It is the fourth largest city in the country, which for several centuries held a leading position in trade with America. The main commercial port of the country has seen numerous caravans of ships, such invaders as the Romans and Arabs, experienced a lot of interesting historical events. And such world-famous characters as Don Giovanni, Figaro, Carmen started their “journey to glory” from here. Spain’s most artistic city, the arts centre, home of the fiery flamenco dance – all this is about Seville. So what can you expect from visiting the capital of Andalusia?

Seville is never boring

When you come here on holiday or for a winter break, you can be sure that you won’t get bored here. Seville has plenty to offer for lovers of educational activities. Along with the historic centre, where you can see a lot of beautiful old buildings, architectural diversity is complemented by such unusual sights as the houses of Pontius Pilate (a copy of his palace in Jerusalem, built in the 15th century) and Don Giovanni (in the Santa Cruz quarter). The Alcazar Palace, which remains the official residence of the Spanish King, is the city’s visiting card. And this is not all architectural treasures, you can enumerate them indefinitely – there are many fortresses, royal palaces, ensembles of ancient Roman architecture, Gothic cathedrals.

For those who prefer entertainment to exhibitions and museums, Seville is also a great place to be. You can go to one of the most passionate performances – flamenco show, to test yourself in the largest amusement park in the country with dozens of attractions, and those who have absolutely steel nerves, can visit the bullfighting, held in the city every week.

Other popular tourist attractions include a walk by river tram, climbing the observation deck on the Giralda Tower (part of the Cathedral, where the tomb of Christopher Columbus is located) at an impressive height of 80 meters. Active pastime in Seville can be complemented by a visit to the flea market – also an attraction of sorts: on Thursdays, locals sell their unwanted things, you can find many interesting things. The beach resorts of Seville are about half an hour away. The nearest resort is Cadiz with its chic sandy beaches. Therefore, there is no need to be sad about the lack of a beach in the city itself.

When it’s better to rest in Seville

Do you want to warm up properly in the hot rays of the Spanish sun? Then come to Seville from May to September – during the high season. Temperatures in these months are +40 degrees Celsius and above. The rest of the time in the Andalusian capital is also the best time to relax. In September-November there is a festival of theatre, dance and music, followed by the International Film Festival, and in December there are Christmas mass festivals and fairs. The Carnival begins in February, followed by the Seville Fair – there are plenty of festivities.

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