What is a startup in IT?

Information technology is evolving today at maximum speed, improving the quality and speed of data transmission over any distance worldwide.

A large number of startups in this field, as well as the latest data transmission networks that provide technical support and serve as a physical basis for new communication solutions, have become the key to stable development.

By its principle of operation, all networks are divided into two main categories:

  1. telephone networks.The signal to the end user goes through various converters (decoders) and is perceived as sound or picture;
  2. computer systems. The information is transmitted from one terminal to another in digital form and the endpoint of the signal is the computer.The most vivid example is the Internet connection with all the additional functions.

One of the key instruments of information technology development in the field of communications are start-ups, without which further improvement of the industry is simply impossible.

What is a startup and what do you need it for?

The term “Startup” actually means a new project or a new company.  It is an initial stage of development of any technological innovation, which exists only at the level of an idea. Further on, this idea develops, investors are attracted and the stage of practical transformation into a real product begins. There is no clearly defined statute of limitations for startups, but on average it is from a week to several months.

The new project has several key characteristics:

  • the project does not exist for long, it is only at the development stage or is just beginning the actual tests of its performance.  Most of the users for whom a particular technology is being developed have not yet heard of it, and there are no publications in the media, or very few of them to make a specific forecast of further project development;
  • there is no clear organizational or economic structure yet. A project can only begin to develop its target audience using standard or innovative methods to attract potential clients;
  • small start-up capital and huge enthusiasm of developers is one of the main characteristics of any startup. A new project may be triggered by the need to solve a problem in a particular communication industry;
  • despite the lack of recognition and dissemination, the project is actively promoted at thematic forums and specialized exhibitions, and is described by the media in the concept of “promising”.

At this stage, you need startup services to launch the project and do everything possible to establish it.

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