What is the best online business for a beginner?

100% accurate statement: “that depends on you.”

Whatever you sell, make sure it is an interest and passion of yours. You could have the smallest or widest “niche” (market of online consumers seeking for your product or service) but id you don’t know anything about you about it you’ll be lost and lose interest.

At the end of the day, selling inline is MORE about reaching customers and LESS about what cool thing you offer. Make sure you learn everything You can about online advertising and marketing because that is how You will become the shiniest little fish in the big pond,

Marketing and sales will be your main job. finding ad space, convincing clients using the right wording and design on your website, and making sure you make their purchase process (aka “sales funnel”) as simple and easy as possible will be tour main job.

Picking a product per service also involves a viability test

If it is rare and specific you will gave less competition. BUT if no one is selling it there might be a reason why (for example most people want to buy scented candles after smelling it). Plus you may have to work harder to reach the right customers

Polling something in high demand means a good chance to sell it, but also means you are competing heavily with people and companies that have experience.

This is why recommend selling something within your expertise. If you know a lot about it you won’t have a problem with website content or creating YouTube videos or sharing tidbits on Facebook and Twitter. You’ll enjoy reading and posting on related blogs and promoting something new to your email list. You’ll get to research exactly who your product or service appeals to and could even form or join online communities about it. Plus you could eventually get paid for your content once you are acknowledged as an expert.

None of this is enjoyable if you’re selling something you don’t like or don’t know much about

And the learning curve will be steeper and difficult to stick with.

Having said that, if you find a product that is awesome and you can resell it for amazing profits, throw your money at it. You may as well just hire a marketing agency to do it all if you have the money.

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